Anusika Sivaganeshan; Thesis title: Academies and new public management

Hasan Mohammad; Thesis title: English Language Teaching (ELT) in Kuwait

Yuntong Li; Thesis title: Double reduction policy in Harbin, China: A comparative study of education resource distribution for urban and rural secondary school students


Research mentor to Dr Omer Ozer, Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University, Turkey, who was awarded a one-year post-doc fellowship from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). Ozer was a visiting research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London (Feb 2021-Feb 2022).


OCT 2021-JULY 2022

Elsa Arnold (BA Education Studies, Goldsmiths); Maya Carter (BA Education Studies, Goldsmiths); Naimah Hussain (BA Education Studies, Goldsmiths); Natasha McKenzie (BA Education Studies, Goldsmiths); Keshia Taylor (BA Education Studies, Goldsmiths); Sarah Wilson (BA Education Studies, Goldsmiths).

OCT 2020-JULY 2021

George Benson (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Claudia Gonçalves Martinez (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Mohammed Islam (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Philippa Keeling (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Thomas King (MA Education: Language, Culture & Identity); Clarhys Lay (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Mushtaq Mohamed (MA Education: Language, Culture & Identity); Simon O’Brien (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Chantelle Scantlebury (MA Education: Language, Culture & Identity).

OCT 2020-JULY 2021

Georgia Bennett (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Henna Patel (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Tahmina Begum (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Kashan Riley (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Chantelle Davies (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Zubayrah Anjum (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths).

OCT 2019-JULY 2020

Helen Stanley (MA, Culture, Language and Identity, Goldsmiths); Maisha Rahman (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Tasnim Mahmuda (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Lybah-Noor Awan (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Amber Searby (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Sadiya Salad (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths); Syeda Ahmed (BA Education, Culture & Society, Goldsmiths).

OCT 2018-JUNE 2019

Noorin Akhtar (BA Education Studies); Jasmin Aktar (BA Education Studies); Danielle Davies (BA Special Education); Cherelle Maria Faisal (BA Special Education); Nancy Feller (BA Education Studies); Barwaq Habrwaa (BA Education Studies); Alexandra Hamilton (BA Special Education); Mark Hillier (BA Education Studies); Rihana Khanom (BA Education Studies); Khulud Mohamed (BA Education Studies); Glenn Pantelli (BA Special Education); Nimrah Shabir (BA Special Education).

OCT 2017-JULY 2018

Terrynne Bassaragh (BA Special Education Studies); Emily Harman (BA Special Education Studies); Tanja Navarro (BA Special Education Studies); Saagini Baskaran (BA Education Studies); Lily-May Bracey (BA Education with Psychology); Gurbet Coskun (BA Education Studies); Jack Courtney (BA Education Studies); Rita Egbon (BA Education Studies); Shahida Islam (BA Education Studies); Ambrin Khanom Islam (BA Education Studies); Arrol Leonel-Roberts (BA Education Studies); Aneka Voss (BA Education with Psychology).

OCT 2016-JULY 2017

Sobia Ahmed (BA Education Studies); Mohammed Ali (BA Education Studies); Alero Dadson (BA Education Studies); Svenja Helmes (BA Education Studies); Yagmur Kokcu (BA Education Studies); Saima Sultana (BA Education Studies); Farah Zubair (BA Education Studies); Rebecca Allan (BA Special Education); Jessica Keyes (BA Special Education).

OCT 2015-JULY 2016

Jammyalico Brown (BA Education Studies); Shanie Bent (BA Education Studies); Melissa Chadwick (BA Education Studies); David Darko (BA Education Studies); Sanjeeda Firdaus (BA Education Studies); Samila Gharjestani (BA Education Studies); Komal Gregory (BA Education Studies); Sara Lefeldt (BA Education Studies); Katie Licence (BA Education Studies); Leanne Lindo (BA Education Studies); Sofia Patel (BA Education Studies); Skye Steward (BA Education Studies); Neelofar Yusuf (BA Education Studies); Parady Baptiste (BA Special Education); Cigdem Celik (BA Special Education); Ayten Crawford (BA Special Education); Megan Davies (BA Special Education); Amy Sanders (BA Special Education); Kane Taylor (BA Special Education); Elena Timofte (BA Special Education); Florence Bello-Osagie (BA Special Education).