Andrew Wilkins is Reader in Education in the Department of Educational Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Andrew was Reader in Education at the University of East London before joining Goldsmiths in 2019. Andrew completed his undergraduate degree in sociology at the University of Leeds in 2003, postgraduate degree in social research methods at Goldsmiths in 2005 and PhD in social policy at the Open University in 2009.

Andrew writes about national and global education policy with a focus on: 

i. Translation and assemblage: the ways in which policy discourse and implementation is mediated by national strategic priorities and their unique networks, connections and flows;
ii. Governance and governing: the extent to which government and non-government entities intervene, both formally and informally, to shape the way organisations and individuals conduct themselves; and
iii. Publics and counterpublics: the formation of groups of people (as stakeholders, experts, consumers, citizens) and their interactions with and influence over public service reform and delivery.

Andrew has worked as a research associate/fellow on several projects including ESRC, HEA and EU Tempus-funded projects. His book Modernising School Governance: Corporate Planning and Expert Handling in State Education (Routledge 2016) was awarded joint-second prize by the Society for Educational Studies for books published in 2016.  Andrew’s recent book, co-edited with Antonio Olmedo, is Education Governance and Social Theory: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research (Bloomsbury 2018).  Andrew is currently writing two books: Keywords in Global Education Policy: A Research Guide (Palgrave, 2022) and Policy Foundations in Education (Bloomsbury, 2022).

Andrew is Associate Regional Editor (Europe) for Journal of Education Policy and on the editorial board for several other journals including British Journal of Sociology of Education and Journal of Applied Social Theory.  He is external examiner for the Sociology of Education Umbrella Board at University College London (UCL) Institute of Education (IOE) and is a member of several international research groups including the European Network on Neoliberal Education Policy (ENNEP) and the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change.

Andrew has been invited to peer review for numerous journals, book publishers and research councils as well as published in various international peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Education Policy, Critical Social Policy, Critical Policy Studies, Globalisation, Societies and Education, and Journal of Educational Administration and History. Andrew has written for various websites and blogs including Education Uncovered, The Conversation and Democratic Audit.

In terms of public engagement, Andrew is committed to external collaborations and partnerships with different stakeholders and charities. In recent years Andrew has worked with various schools, school networks, education advisers and education training and support services to debate and rethink conventional approaches to school governance.