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‘Andrew Wilkins has made a major contribution through his forensic analysis of school governors as local regulators of an increasingly dysfunctional education market. The privatisation turn in education reforms from the 1980s onwards has had major implications for the type, role and contribution of school governors, and Wilkins captures this brilliantly. The project clearly puts the need for democratic renewal further up the agenda, where the ordinary citizen is losing out to preferred experts’.
Professor Helen Gunter, Sarah Fielden Professor of Education, University of Manchester
‘Andrew Wilkins’ work on governance is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the government’s most significant education policy: the academies scheme’.
Warwick Mansell, Guardian columnist and NAHT and Cambridge Primary Review Trust blogger
‘In this perceptive study of the changing role of school governors in England, Andrew Wilkins provides a timely analysis of emerging governance patterns in the modern state and the thinning of the notion of democratic accountability’.
Professor Donald Gillies, Dean of the School of Education, University of the West of Scotland
‘Andrew Wilkins delivers a considered treatment on school provision and governance in contemporary England with a particular emphasis on the ways that policy logics of accountability, responsibilisation and business become entangled, and in that entanglement produce and/or reinforce regimes of veridiction. The analysis is surehanded and sophisticated, and weaves together political science, sociology of education, policy studies and governmentality theory. It has an international appeal as much of what Wilkins outlines here is recognisable or emerging in many countries around the world. This book is essential reading for academics, postgraduate students and educational professionals interested in education policy, governance and the privatisation of public education’.
Greg Thompson, Associate Professor of Education, Queensland University of Technology
‘Andrew Wilkins’ work has already challenged some of the comfortable platitudes of the world of school governing: drawing attention, for example, to the “democratic deficit” in English schools that is still not recognised by some leading proponents of governance’.
Nigel Gann, Education consultant and Director of Hamdon Education
‘Modernising School Governance has a powerful presence as a communicative and interpretive text that raises our awareness of the screened activities which remove democratic processes and silence critical voices’.
Miranda Matthews, Lecturer in Art and Education, Goldsmiths, University of London


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