Wilkins, A., Collet-Sabé, J., Gobby, B., and Hangartner, J. 2019. Variegated school governance: Case studies from Australia, England, Spain, and Switzerland.

Abstract: Schools and education systems across the globe face huge pressure from governments, parastatal agencies and supranational organisations to facilitate new public management approaches to school governance through a focus on corporate, contract and performative measures of accountability combined with new forms of business design and involvement. These forms of ‘endogenous privatisation’ have significant implications for those responsible for managing and monitoring schools, namely head teachers, school governors and district school boards. In this paper we examine and compare the complicated distribution and translation of these trends and their effects within different geo-political contexts, specifically Australia, England, Spain, and Switzerland. 

Wilkins, A. & Gobby, B. 2019. Governance and educational leadership. In S. Courtney, H. Gunter, R. Niesche And T. Trujillo (eds) Understanding educational leadership: Critical perspectives and approaches. Bloomsbury: London

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