• Google Scholar lists my H-index as 10, and my i10-index as 10, with 302 citations to date.
  • Awarded £218,727 in research funding, scholarships, and awards to date.
  • Over 6,000 followers, over 45,000 unique views, and in the top 0.1% on, the world’s leading academic social networking website.
  • Peer reviewer for 26 different journals, in addition to numerous monograph, proposal and funding reviews.
  • My work has been translated into Spanish.


  • Joint-second prize for books published in 2016; Prize: £1000. Book: Modernising school governance: Corporate planning and expert handling in state education (Routledge). Awarding body: Society for Educational Studies (SES) (Nov 2017).


  • Editor’s Choice. Journal article (‘Governing through parents: a genealogical enquiry of education policy and the construction of neoliberal subjectivities in England’) nominated as ‘editor’s choice’ in Discourse: Studies in Cultural Politics of Education (May 2017).


  • Royal Society of Arts (RSA); Research mentioned in report ‘Who Governs Our Schools? Trends, Tensions and Opportunities’ (Sept 2017).
  • School’s Week; Research mentioned in book review ‘Much promise: Successful schools in England’ (May 2017).
  • Democratic Audit; Research discussed in online article ‘The ‘academy revolution’ is ousting governors. We need to hold these schools accountable’ (Jan 2017).
  • UEL marketing; Research outlined in YouTube video podcast ‘Debating the role of democracy in neoliberal education’ (Dec 2016).
  • School Business Manager; Research discussed in online article ‘Academy schools: Governance and financial responsibility’ (Dec 2016).
  • Cambridge Primary Review Trust; Research discussed in report ‘Academies: Autonomy, accountability, quality and evidence’ (June 2016).
  • Discover Society; Research discussed in online article ‘The Emperor Comes to Town Again: Academies and their Sponsors’ (May 2016).
  • School Business Manager; Research discussed in online article ‘Academy governance: Autonomy and accountability’ (May 2016).
  • Royal Society of Arts; Research discussed in online article ‘Parent power! The opportunity is there. It’s now down to us to grasp it’ (April 2016).
  • Local Government Knowledge Navigator; Research detailed on ESRC-funded project website ‘Research Facilitation for Local Government’ (Feb 2016).
  • Modern Governor; Serialisation of journal article on governor support website (Oct 2015).
  • iEd UK and PCG; Consultant to iEd UK and Public Consulting Group (PCG) at proof stage of development of professional training tool (Jan 2015).
  • Governors Agenda; Research discussed in online article ‘Self-Review: Is it the panacea to good governance?’ (Jan 2015).
  • Times Education Supplement (TES); Research outlined in online article ‘Are cliques taking control of our governing bodies?’ (Nov 2014).
  • Economic and Social Research Council; Research outlined in press release ‘New role needed for ‘crucial’ amateur governors’ (Oct 2014).
  • House of Commons Education Committee; Evidence submitted to select committee inquiry into academies and free schools. (Reference: AFS0008) (Feb 2013).